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Full Blood Moon

In our not too distant past November was the time of the year when livestock that couldn't be sustained over winter would be killed and the meat preserved. Although on the face of it, a brutal practice, there can be few things more cruel than watching an animal fade with cold or hunger. Killing a… Continue reading Full Blood Moon

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A Halloween Spell

You can whisper to the dead at this time of year and they will hear you, Even the long dead, whose eyes no one living has ever seen, If you have an ache, you can ask them to help you heal it. If you have lost your way, you can ask them to light you… Continue reading A Halloween Spell

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Home Brewed ‘Love Oil’ for Valentines

It's a funny one for me, St Valentine's Day, I know it is supposed to be about 'the one you love' but I always think about it as a general celebration of love and partnerships of all kinds. I feel it most as my love of nature, which awakens with a passion at this time… Continue reading Home Brewed ‘Love Oil’ for Valentines

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Spinning a Spell into Conker Beads…

This time of year my daughter always arrives home from our walks pockets laden with conkers.¬†She is also terrified of spiders, so was fascinated to hear the old folk tales that conkers keep spiders away. How does this work? Who knows? but theories include a chemical the conkers emit that is noxious to spiders. Well,… Continue reading Spinning a Spell into Conker Beads…