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A Halloween Spell

You can whisper to the dead at this time of year and they will hear you, Even the long dead, whose eyes no one living has ever seen, If you have an ache, you can ask them to help you heal it. If you have lost your way, you can ask them to light you… Continue reading A Halloween Spell

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All Hallows Eve ‘Soul Cakes’

Halloween (All Souls/All Hallows) is derived from the ancient Celtic festival called “Samhain” or “Feast of the Dead”. It has traditionally been celebrated with bonfires, especially on high ground, in order to light the soul’s way to heaven. Many cultures have their own version of a similar festival at this time of year, and isn't… Continue reading All Hallows Eve ‘Soul Cakes’

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Hand Poured Candles for the Full Moon

October is the month of the Blood Moon, a brooding, bright moon, rising at sun down and setting at sun rise. A true moon to guide weary travelers of the world and of the soul through the lengthening Halloween nights. There is real magic to be found in the land at this time of year.… Continue reading Hand Poured Candles for the Full Moon

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Protection Oil – All Hallows Blend

As the nights draw in, the time for ghosts and spirits approaches and the veil is becoming thin, we may need a little extra protection against energies that can cause negativity in life. In my experience thankfully, this is usually the living and rarely the dead, even this close to All Hallows Eve. So why… Continue reading Protection Oil – All Hallows Blend