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Comfort Food – Banana Bread

I think fruit loaves are the perfect comfort food for Autumn. They are easy to make and are very forgiving when it comes to baking. This is a recipe I use for Banana Bread that never lets me down, and is ideal when you have a few bananas that are over ripe and you don't… Continue reading Comfort Food – Banana Bread

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A Culinary Herbal…

Culinary herbs are the herbs I use the most for cooking, growing and remedies. I would be lost without Rosemary, Thyme and Sage, and they are so familiar to most people, that often they can be overlooked as great medicinal plants. Culinary herbs, as well as adding depth in flavour to our foods, have many… Continue reading A Culinary Herbal…

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September Skies and The Harvest Moon

September is the meteorological start of the Autumn and was named by the Romans as 'seventh month', when March used to start the year. That would be lovely wouldn't it? If we could just skip January and February. During September, the length of the day will shorten by an average of 2 hours across the… Continue reading September Skies and The Harvest Moon