Hi friend,  I’m Haile and I live in a little house with my family at the edge of the city. Its pretty suburban around here, but I have a small, rambling garden, a clutch of chickens and a happy mix of rabbits, ducks, cats and dogs.

I love growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. I enjoy cooking with seasonal ingredients and I like to make things. I also love to forage for vintage treasure, but as my house is only tiny I have an Etsy overflow shop, for things I love but just can’t keep  Hedgerow Vintage Shop

I have a green, foraging heart, so I am always seeking tucked away wild places or trying to make my own. This is an eclectic, hodgepodge seasonal living blog that follows the wheel of the year and takes inspiration from mother nature.

So please do make a cup of tea and have a browse……x o