Full ‘Travellers Moon’

A beautiful Super Moon is due to rise this evening at around 5.30pm (UK), so it will be perfect to see, large and low in the early Spring evening. As the days begin to noticeably lengthen, a sense of the spring is already with us, and this moon is a call to action.

The ‘Travellers Moon’ for me is all about transformation, all around the natural world is about to wake up, buds can be seen ready to bloom, and bulbs are pushing up out of the warm, brown earth, after the Equinox later in the month, the speed at which the natural world around us changes is actually quite breathtaking. As this moon is also in ever practical Virgo, it is a perfect moon for cleansing and cleaning, now is the time to strip the cupboards out and take stock. It is moon for clarity and for setting intention and boundaries for the months to come.

I like to use Rosemary for cleansing, for bathing and diffusing and for adding to any cleaning solutions. A good cleaning, cleansing and protection recipe is;

  • 10 Parts Water
  • 1 Part Cheap Vodka
  • 10 drops essential oil of your choice – I would recommend Rosemary, Geranium, Lemon and Sage.

You can use this mix for floors, surfaces, window and door frames.

The message of the moon chimes perfectly with the message being given to us from our government at the start of what could be a really challenging time for many people. One of the best things we can do at the moment, is to keep everything as clean as possible (hands, homes, surfaces), so I would also add a basic disinfectant to the solution. It is also a great time to take stock of what we each already have, to avoid panic buying or hoarding what we do not need. There is enough for everyone and we must look out for each other.

Clean hands, open hearts.

Wishing you a magical full moon x

Image is from Danielle Barlows – Green Wheel Oracle Deck

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