Full Blood Moon

In our not too distant past November was the time of the year when livestock that couldn’t be sustained over winter would be killed and the meat preserved. Although on the face of it, a brutal practice, there can be few things more cruel than watching an animal fade with cold or hunger. Killing a healthy animal who has never suffered, who would then go on to feed a family through the colder months, seems to me a much more noble death than the way the majority of animals are treated today for meat, like commodities, battery farmed and with no respect of life at all.

The Full Blood Moon is a powerful moon, it comes at a time in the year when the evenings are dark again, and the moon becomes a much more obvious presence in our lives. This moon reminds us to find balance, to ‘sacrifice’ what needs to be left behind in order to sustain the future and survive the winter. It is a moon of action, reflection and personal choices. The past can come back to us and this is a wonderful moon for making peace with those feelings and finally letting them go.


Image is Danielle Barlow’s Green Wheel Oracle, available from Etsy 

Celebrating the Moon; I have personally neglected my usual ‘witchy’ practices the last few months. Life has been busy, kids back to school, busy with work, and one illness after another. So, I will be making more of effort to celebrate this full moon, and to gain a sense of grounding. I favour simple rituals and for me the outdoors can be just as beautiful in late Autumn as through the summer months, I love the structure of seed-heads, and the colours of darkened berries, spending time outside to gather a small seasonal posy for a full moon altar is a lovely way to spend an hour. As mentioned above this is a good time to say goodbye to things, the full moon is also the moment when the moon’s energy stops waxing and begins to wane, so this is a good moon for concentrating on balance, sacrifice and sustainability.

Gather your flowers, light your candles, make peace with the past and make your sacrifices for the future you want.

Wishing you a magical full moon, however you choose to celebrate x o





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