A Simple Ritual for the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is the gateway to the Autumn and Winter. It is the time in the year when we give thanks to the beautiful sun, and the rich earth that have provided endless harvests over the summer months. I feel blessed to live in a Country that has such vivid seasons, they keep us moving forward and remind us gently that nothing lasts forever.

I like to keep my seasonal rituals simple, so here are a few ideas of how to say your own thank you to the wonderful sun and our beautiful earth…

Gather any of the below items to make a small ‘altar’, you can also make an incense to burn from the ideas listed, or pick some herbs to dry to make a smudge stick. I like to try to be outside for the sunset on the equinox. Have a small fire, somewhere safe, the back yard is fine, and light your candle on your altar, just as the sun begins to set, in honor of the light and a welcome to the dark.

Herbs and Plants to Gather….

  • Acorns, as symbolic of the cyclical nature of the seasons and make beautiful seasonal decorations to an altar.
  • Ferns also make a good addition to an altar.
  • Marigold and Calendula, bring them inside for an Equinox altar and then you can dry the petals and infuse in an oil (see here for how…Drying Herbs)
  • Apples, Plums, early squashes, foraged fruits and berries.
  • I like a little bouquet of seasonal flowers (pictured above) reflecting the seed-heads and the grasses from my garden and the landscape. One of things I appreciate about the Winter, is that it allows us to see the structure of things, it is a great stripping away of adornments, so I want this to be reflected in my welcome of the season. Rituals work best, if you find ways to reflect the things of the season that matter to you.
  • Thistles or anything with teeth! This is a commitment and a show of strength, that you will ensure and you will hold fast through the change of season.


  • Benzoin is a good incense to burn, helping us connect to the seasonal shift from light to dark.
  • Dried honeysuckle bark.
  • Myrhh

To Drink…

Alfred Meakin ‘Hedgerow’ Cup and Saucer
  • A hot tea of fresh sage leaves, for strength, cleansing and freeing the mind of negative thoughts. Harvest some extra sage to dry for a smudge stick.
  • Add honey – it has an acquired taste.

Sending you Equinox Blessings x



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