September Skies and The Harvest Moon

September is the meteorological start of the Autumn and was named by the Romans as ‘seventh month’, when March used to start the year. That would be lovely wouldn’t it? If we could just skip January and February.

During September, the length of the day will shorten by an average of 2 hours across the UK, so it is a good month for star gazing again. On the 6th September around 8pm you can see Jupiter very close to the Moon just above the southern horizon. Again, on the 8th September you can see Saturn close to the Moon, around 8pm just above the horizon.

September 14th is a Full Harvest Moon, a wonderfully witchy Moon, full of depth and perception, and on the 21st of the month is the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are of equal lengths. Finally, on the 28th of the month is a new Hunters Moon.

For the full Harvest Moon this year, I am planning to make some dried herb incense bundles as this is a good time of year to cut woody herbs back ready for the winter and begin drying what you wish to store.

The Harvest Moon – In the Northern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon is the full moon that happens to be closest to the autumn equinox and is special as the time difference between moonrise and successive evenings is shorter than usual.


The Harvest Moon tends to be large and more colourful than other moons of the year. This is because of the tilt of the earth and reflections from the atmosphere. The Harvest Moon gets its name from the extra light it gives farmers – which mean in times before electricity that they had even longer to harvest their crops.

The Celts would use the Harvest Moon to mark the time before Samhain and considered it a blessing. It would be a time of crop collection but also of large parties; signing, dancing and drinking.

The Norse noted that the Harvest Moon was often the first full moon after the first frost of the winter seasons. They considered it to be the most powerful moon of the year and associated with the trickster god Loki.

Wishing you a magical September x o


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