The night sky in July…

I will always be amazed at the magic of seeing the planets in the night sky….I can never really believe that if you went out far enough and fast enough you would eventually get to them, that they really do exist, and then there they are, big stars in the sky, unmistakable from anything else.

There are plenty of opportunities to see the planets in July, on the 13th July at around 10pm you will see a big bright star by the Moon – this is Jupiter. Then on the 15th the bright star by the Moon at around 10pm again will be Saturn. On the 16th there will be a partial lunar eclipse, but this will be difficult to see as it will reach its most eclipsed (65 degrees) at only 9 degrees above the horizon at around 10.30pm.

Also happening in the skies this month are the Delta Aquariids meteor showers. Look out on the night and the pre-dawn around July 28th & 29th for the peak show, but don’t be surprised if you catch a shooting star anywhere from the 12th up until the 23rd August (when they will be coinciding with the Perseids) If you are not sure which meteor shower you catch, the Aquariids come from the Aquarius constellation and the Perseids come from Perseus.


All in all, an exciting month for the sky, which has had me thinking of the Moon and Stars cards in the Tarot. I have shared some images of my favorite depictions below.  The Anima Mundi Tarot has The Star as a White Ibis, with the message of opening your heart and being open to change, forgiveness, inspiration, generosity and healing. The Moon is a more traditional representation with The Moon on water, with the message of hidden fears, depths and confusion.


The Brady Tarot is different again, The Star has also used an Ibis,  (linked to the God Thoth and back to the Rider Tarot deck) but this is a more dynamic interpretation about flowing energy and not holding back. The Moon is shown more traditionally with an owl, a wonderful howling coyote and a craw-fish (it is often a crab) and hints at deep animal instincts rising from within. I love this representation of The Moon card and I am going to steal direct from the little black book here because it says it perfectly…

‘Here the owl and the crayfish show us the power of wild nature. The coyotes react to this energy, but the opossums remind us to simply accept without fear of judgement’


What I always wonder when I draw this card in a reading is what energy is winning….coyote or opossum?

Wishing you a wonderful July, underneath the night sky x o



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