Summer Solstice Celebration Oil

The Summer Solstice, or Litha as it is known in the old Celtic calendar, is only a few days away. The single day of the year of the when the light lasts longest and I want to put it in my pocket and keep it forever. I’d like to roll up all the beautiful hedgerows and the country lanes and lay them out somewhere in the sunshine so I can walk them all. I’d like to ask all the birds to keep singing and to stay in their nests all year round, as the swallows and the swifts and house martins all appear back in the eaves of our summer roofs. Wasn’t it empty without them?

I walk through our valley park and I wonder how I will ever live without the banks of cow parsley and the field poppies and the busy, busy butterflies and bees. It feels as if this year the Solstice has arrived too soon, I want to stop the clock so I can keep the summer forever. It always makes me a little melancholy, the summer solstice, I am not ready for the dark to come creeping back yet and I want to rage against it.

Litha is a masculine celebration, a festival of the power and strength of the sun, the triumph of the Holly King and the overwhelming, abundance flowing from Mother Earth. It is a festival of power, strength, abundance, heat, fire and I can always understand why people want to beat drums and dance wildly to celebrate Litha, this is no time for restraint. It is the complete opposite to the dark, internal, brooding energy of the Winter Solstice and that is exactly as it should be.

A few weeks ago when we had a new moon, I made a small batch of Solstice Oil to celebrate the energy of the season, I can’t bottle the summer but I can try to catch its fleeting spirit…

Solstice Celebration Oil

  • A few slivers of Carnelian for success, memory, energy and luck.
  • Rosemary for strength, energy, protection and clarity.
  • Dried Rose petals for love and happiness.
  • Dried Marigold flowers for health, serenity, success and abundance.
  • Juniper berries for purification and strength and because they always remind me of Gin.

fba7f5b9-d5a3-4145-8635-c9c4e41bf366I have used clear, fractionated coconut oil for the base, and these will have been brewing for a few weeks by Solstice night. I will use the oil for anointing candles, and stones and flowers and any other objects I want to use for the celebrations, sadly no drums.

Whatever your plans are to celebrate the Solstice this year, I do hope you can get outside and you can squeeze every little bit of summer out of the next 10 weeks, it is fleeting, but oh, it is beautiful! x o



    1. Hi there! It’s so hard to imagine that it’s the Winter Solstice somewhere? Is it very cold and dark where you are? I always think the best things about Winter are the clear, dark nights, big moons and lots of twinkling candles. I’m not sure what you have growing local and seasonal to you, but you could try a variation of this Prosperity Oil, and also in this post is a little simple moon spell. Sending Solstice blessings and hope the moon comes out for you x


  1. This is such a glorious colourful oil! I bet it smells incredible!
    It’s true, there’s something about the Summer light in a haze of dusty cow parsley, and the sound of a bee rummaging in a foxglove that is just incandescent. I hope you have a wonderful solstice!

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    1. You too! Let’s keep all our fingers and toes crossed we see the beautiful sun again!
      I feel very British at the moment because all I am taking about to anyone is the weather 😯!

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      1. Well, I am raging against it at the moment although getting angry at rain is completely pointless.
        Oh, let’s hope so 🤞🌞….I’d like to save something from the slugs.

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      2. I saw a hosta grower saying garlic spray keeps slugs off his hostas, in case that helps. (I’m one of those weirdos who can’t stand the smell or taste of garlic, so I haven’t tried it, but he didn’t have a single hole in a leaf I could see.)

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      3. I saw something similar too, I am going to try it, I love hostas but they only last a short time in my garden. I can’t have Lupins either. A life without Garlic! Oh my goodness I can’t imagine that, but then I suppose if you don’t like something you don’t really miss it 🙂

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      4. I know, I get some funny looks about the no garlic – but it’s only a recent thing, possibly caused by eating too much houmous? Who knows. Hopefully it goes away and I can be normal again!!
        Do tell me if you try it – I’d love to know if it works!


      5. I will do, I think you need to ‘brew’ it a bit and I plan to get it started at the weekend hopefully. Will let you know.
        The garlic thing…could be houmous or maybe vampires? They don’t like garlic either. On the plus side you are in the right country if you develop an aversion to sunlight.

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