Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Strawberry Moon is in Sagittarius today, rising at 4.58am and setting at 9.46pm, you may just catch a glimpse of her in the sky behind all the clouds, if you are lucky. There are many different names for the moons and I believe Strawberry Moon is the North American name, but the June Moon will also be named as the Rose Moon and the Mead Moon. I usually favour the Celtic and Old English names for the moon living in the UK, but this moon is the Strawberry Moon to me, as it is when I usually get my first batch of ripe alpine strawberries in the garden, although I do have to say that the roses are also looking beautiful.

I am not precious about sticking to one set of ‘traditional cultural’ names for my moons, I think it has more meaning if a name makes you feel something, so I tend to pick and choose what resonates. Some moons are so full of the season, they could never be anything else – I am thinking of the Harvest, Hare and the Blood Moons.
This moon is in Sagittarius, the Archer, known for expression, expansion and fun. A little counter intuitively, this sign is linked to the Temperance card in the Tarot, but as a more ‘dynamic’ interpretation of temperance. Sagittarius is optimistic and exploratory, and when combined with temperance, it can take you down a road to discover your desires and achieve your goals. When Sagittarius is too rampant however, then moderation, and thinking before acting might be a good idea.
My rising sign is Sagittarius, I will often find myself completely run away with an idea, before I have really thought it through. So, Temperance is a good card for this wild, fire energy, and personally I should really connect with it more.

Here in the Brady Tarot it is a very dynamic interpretation of Temperance that I think works well for this moon. The card shows a willow tree rising from the banks of a rushing stream, winding up the trunk are two snakes and flying overhead are two eagles, forming a caduceus. The snake is a water moccasin – representing the element of water, the other snake is a garter snake – for the element of earth, the birds are air, and the tree is earth and the overall energy in the card is akin to fire. This card is dynamic, and yet it remains in balance and purposeful. The caduceus itself is a healing symbol that reminds us to ‘temper’ and balance the energies of life to stay healthy. We have had days and days of torrential rain here in the UK, and this card looks exactly like our raging rivers, threatening floods. Temperance is required for the weather also and I am desperately hoping for some summery, balancing sun.

To mark this months Full Moon, when the children are all in bed this evening, I am going to go down to the kitchen and light a candle, and then I am going to light a candle by our small pond. I made a comfrey feed for the garden on the last full moon 4 weeks ago and I am going to feed my garden back that treat and give it some of the nourishment it needs, the rain has sent everything ‘leggy’ and I am concerned it will burn itself out before we have even made it too July. Secondly, I am going to pick as many ingredients as possible from the garden and make a soup for me and my family. This will hopefully create a space to think, temper plans and nourish. All the while, wishing for the sun.

Wishing you a balanced Full Moon, and hoping you find time to make your own tiny ritual too.

x o



  1. Last night’s moon here in Australia was stunning too, it lit up our whole room while as we slept with the curtains drawn, despite the cold. I’m sure it was simply outstanding in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy summer.

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