Full Hare Moon in Scorpio

Saturday 18th May is the full Hare Moon in Scorpio. This moon will rise at 8.18pm and set at 5.45am. Making it the perfect moon for an evening ritual. Scorpio full moons are always challenging, they tend to deepen emotions and bring the past bubbling to the surface as the lunar energies are deepened once again when in Scorpio.

The card from the Tarot that corresponds with Scorpio is ‘Judgement’ – as pictured below from The Brady Tarot.


Judgement is also a summoning to rise, a call for resolution and for re-birth, it is a card of destiny and inevitability. In the image the golden eagle with its power has called forth bats into the mid-day sun, something strange and powerful as they are creatures of the night, but they have no choice, the force to rise up is to instinctual and powerful and this overrides their desire for the safety of the night. Judgement can be about ‘the calling’ as much as the result. The deep calling within us that overrides our current habits and nature.

It is important to remember to also consider the energy of the season and the energy of the moon itself. The Hare Moon was so named after the boxing hares that can be seen in the fields at this time of the year if you are lucky. Shown from the Danielle Barlow Green Wheel Oracle – Hare – is a mysterious card and in keeping with Scorpio, she also represents a look beneath the surface, she is intuition, emotion and an ability to adapt and persist.


Past issues or emotional challenges coming to light is a good thing if they can be resolved. Hare is strong and smart, but she is also intuitive and cautious, able to live in the open (Hares do not live in burrows), able to live on her own, and able to seamlessly melt into the background, as well as the ability to outrun a fox.

She is a pray animal, and yet she can be stronger and faster and smarter than a fox.

This is a moon to embrace whatever past issues are coming to surface, this a moon to face them and listen to your inner calling – what is it you are being called too?

I would suggest a simple evening ritual to work with the energies of this moon and the season, that literally plants the seeds of growth. Go out into your garden as near to 8pm on the 18th May as you can manage, light a candle, any will do and plant wildflower of butterfly attracting seeds into a pot or a corner. Give a gift back to nature and to yourself and feel it represent the symbol of whatever it is you are being called too – what is the calling you are feeling deep in your heart? don’t be afraid of it, face it, plant the seeds for it and let it grow.

Wishing you a magical full moon.

Haile x o

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