Dandelion Lotion Bars

I have used a recipe from The Nerdy Farm Wife and adapted slightly to suit me.

Dandelion lotion bars, are good for very dry, chapped skin, and can be used on hands, knees, elbows or anywhere that needs some serious love.

This is the perfect time of year to make Dandelion infused oil. Our gardens and countryside are full of them, but when collecting please do leave some for the bees. For every 1 dandelion you pick, leave 2 or 3 behind.

Making the infused Oil;

With proper storage this oil will be good for 9-12 months. Gather flowers from places that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals or used as a bathroom site for your pets. Dandelions often have bugs or ants on them, so let the container sit outside for a few hours before bringing in.

Dandelions have a high water content, so let them dry out for 2-3 days so your oil won’t become contaminated with mold or bacteria. I spread the dandelions out on a clean dishtowel or paper towels in a single layer to air dry. Then I fill a mason style jar halfway with dandelions, then fill the rest of the way up with oil. I like using sweet almond oil, because it is relatively cheap, but if you have a nut allergy you could use fractionated coconut oil.

Put the lid on and set in a warm place for about four weeks before straining. A sunny windowsill works well. I think the slower infusion method works best, but if you really can’t wait, use a bain marie and simmer gently for around 3-4 hours.

You can use the above method to infuse many flowers/herbs into oils, just try to harvest your flowers/herbs dry to begin with.

Once your oil is finished, you’re ready to make your dandelion lotion bars!


Making the bars;

  • 1 part beeswax
  • 1 part shea butter 
  • 1 part dandelion infused oil
  • a few drops of lavender essential oil, 

I usually make a batch using 50g of each ingredient, but you can size it however you like. That amount will fill almost two dozen small (one-inch) silicone moulds, such as the ones above, but you can also make into Madeline Moulds, or even the lids from your jars. be creative!

  1. Measure out the beeswax, shea butter, and dandelion oil into a jar or small bowl – you will be making a bain marie.
  2. Set the container of ingredients down into a pan containing an inch or two of almost simmering water, creating a makeshift bain marie.
  3. Allow the water to indirectly heat the contents until the beeswax is melted. Overheated shea butter can get grainy, so keep a close eye on the mixture and remove from heat as soon as it appears melted.
  4. Optional: add a few drops of lavender or other skin safe essential oil – just for an extra kick.

When it is all melted, pour gently into your moulds and leave to set for 2-3 hours.

Whenever your skin feels dry or rough, just rub the bar over your skin. The heat of your body will melt it just enough to leave a light moisturising layer that absorbs in much quicker than a salve does.

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Haile xo


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