November Blood Moon Wreath

My garden is one of my greatest pleasures in life. It is not a tidy, well groomed space, but rather a rambling, all-embracing mix of greenery, weeds, herbs, veg and perennials all tumbled together. I grieve when I have to part with it in Winter, but I know it has to rest.

I have recently started assembling a monthly seasonal wreath, to embrace what is best in the garden, and to bring some of its pleasures inside when I am not so readily outside to enjoy them. The wreath hangs in my porch, as a seasonal welcome to visitors and us when we return home.

November is the month of the Blood Moon, when older societies would have slaughtered livestock in preparation for the winter ahead, I thought it appropriate the wreath have a red theme, however I wanted it to still feel warm and dark, like the embers of a smokey fire.

October featured Hydrangeas (seen above with Jasper), Rose Hips and Lavender, and has dried beautifully so I used this as base. I am saving my Holly and Rosemary for December, so I have updated the November wreath with;

Ivy; Flourishes in the Autumn, and flowers just after the Winter Solstice. I love Ivy, it is tenacious, hardy and adaptable, and this is what I have to be in November, as it is not one of my favorite months. Ivy leaves made up the crown of Bacchus, and it was believed that they would ward against drunkenness but i can’t vouch for that. Ivy brings to mind ancient Greeks, and victory wreaths, and its ability to hold on through all seasons.

Barberry; The second plant I used is a variety of Barberry. It has dusky, plum berries, a vibrant red leaf and oh the spikiest stems you have ever known! This one is a devil to handle, but I think worth every effort for how becoming it is.

In between the Ivy and Barberry I have also woven fresh Hydrangea leaves and a few more Rose Hips, just to lift the colour. I don’t like to take the hips, as the birds will eat them in the later months, but these were some that had naturally fallen.

I think combined it has created a fitting tribute to November and the Blood Moon.

Blessings x o


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