Hand Poured Candles for the Full Moon

October is the month of the Blood Moon, a brooding, bright moon, rising at sun down and setting at sun rise. A true moon to guide weary travelers of the world and of the soul through the lengthening Halloween nights.

There is real magic to be found in the land at this time of year. Even now in our modern world of plastic and electric, we are drawn to gather in outside spaces to set a fire and watch the sky. We are still drawn together to light a fire in the dark, we are still drawn together to think of our ancestors and those that have gone before and to work with that beautiful moon to light the way for weary souls, near and far. We get to be the light in the dark.

To make and pour your own candle to celebrate the full moon, weaving a little magic as you go, you will need…

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Essential oils (is using) I used Rosemary in mine, as Rosemary is for remembrance
  • Natural candle wicks
  • Saucepan
  • A little glue
  • Jar – I used an old jam jar.

Tip your soya wax into the container you want to use, use double the volume of wax for each holder, and melt the wax very gently in an old pan. Whilst the wax is melting, glue each wick to the bottom of the jar – you can buy glue spots for this or use any other glue you may have. When the wick is secure wrap the remaining wick around a pencil to keep it straight in the candle.

Stir your full moon wishes into the melted soya wax as you go, and when they are melted pour them into your jar, let the soy solidify a little as the candle takes shape and when it is just hardening add any essential oils or dried herbs and flowers.

Let the candles fully harden and then when it gets dark and you spot the moon rising for the first time that evening, light your candle to make your full moon wishes come true.

Sending full moon wishes x o



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