Protection Oil – All Hallows Blend

As the nights draw in, the time for ghosts and spirits approaches and the veil is becoming thin, we may need a little extra protection against energies that can cause negativity in life. In my experience thankfully, this is usually the living and rarely the dead, even this close to All Hallows Eve. So why not craft a little Protection Oil, to keep Autumn spirits high?

Negative energies may be generated by people in your space, energies left over from others, or energies brought into the space. We all know the feelings associated with spending a little too much time with a person or in a situation that feeds off negativity, the ’emotional vampire’ and how drained we can feel following this. Pop a little bit of this onto your wrists beforehand and it will help you keep your energy to yourself. Although, if possible do try to avoid the person/situation altogether and just say no!

This is a clear, bright oil, with the hard edges of black from the juniper, clove and black pepper, I love the way it looks, and it reminds me of the power of the colour white when protecting against negative energies. White reflects, black absorbs. It has a purity and a freshness that is a direct contrast to often stale, grey brown sucking negative energies.

It is like a shining silver forest of armor for the soul, engraved with herbs of strength, fortification and protection.

For the Oil;

  • 15ml Fractionated Coconut Oil – it is not sticky and absorbs beautifully
  • Clove – to bring resolution
  • Juniper Berries – for banishment of the negative and to welcome good energies
  • Black Pepper – for fire, strength and fortification
  • Fennel Seeds – ability to face danger and be strong in adversity, protection of one’s home and family.
  • Rosemary – for remembrance and for fortification.
  • Shredded Bay Leaf – for protection.
  • Dried Hyssop – ability to cleanse and offer protection
  • A little sliver of Jet and Hematite

As an extra protective boost, you can place a few drops of the oil on your doorstep, and if you have any fresh Fennel, bunch it up and use the feathery ends to sprinkle water across all your boundaries, then hand the fennel up to dry as a protection amulet or pop it in your bath.

You are now ready to do battle with the real vampires and ghouls! x o


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